Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Fun

Good helper, good cupcakes, good frosting!!!
Pumpkins are sooo scary!!!
My punkin' in a pumpkin patch!!!
Phew, safe at home where the pumpkins can't get me.

I have been watching my sisters little boy Cole. We have had so much fun decorating and doing fall and Halloween activities together. Yesterday we had a full day of fall fun!! We went out to lunch with some of our friends at McDonald's. The kids played and played and played. It was really fun to hang out and visit with the other moms while the kids played. Cole summed it up when we left and he exclaimed with a big sigh, "that was just great!". When we got home it was on to frosting cupcakes for some Halloween fun! Cole was so excited and made most of the cupcakes by himself. We had quite the little assembly line going... I frosted and he sprinkled and poked in the decorative picks. After cupcake frosting it was off to the pumpkin patch with my sister Mindy. She was kind enough to let Taya and I tag along with her kids and her achievement day girls. Thanks Mindy! Much to my dismay I wasn't able to get any really good pumpkin patch pictures of Taya. She did not want anything to do with those big orange round things that were in the dirt. Yuck!!!

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Jenn D said...

I am sooo glad You and Taya had fun with Cole. I'm so gratefull to have such great friends. Oh, Taya is such a cutie. I can't believe how big she's getting.