Monday, March 9, 2009

Gift update!

Thanks Shirlee!!!! I think this is an awesome picture.

This was my gift from posting the "gift for you" post on my blog. My sister-in-law Shirlee must have taken this picture when Jared and I were sealed in the Rexburg temple, then Shirlee'd it up a bit. I can't wait to see how it looks framed. I am debating on switching it with the photo Jared took of the temple that day that is hanging in our living room. I know that the post said "no guarantees you'll like what you get" but I knew I would! Thanks again, it's great.

Sorry that no one posted and kept the gift thing going (with the exception of Shar, something yummy will be on it's way soon!) I have decided that since no one posted I am going to make a few 8 x 8 pre-made scrapbooks and donate them to the NICU for parents who are not as lucky as we were. That way the NICU can give them to parents who have lost their preemies and they will have something quick and easy to do with the pictures of their little ones.

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