Thursday, April 2, 2009


As promised here are some highlights from our day at Disneyland!! It was so much fun, thanks Grandma and Papa for being such good sports and spending a crazy day at "The happiest place on earth"!!!
Taya loved every minute of the playhouse Disney "Live on Stage". She just about wore out her legs and her dads arms by jumping up and down so much! She loved seeing Mickey and friends sing and dance right in front of her. She was right there with them using their Mouse-ka-tools to wish Minnie a happy birthday!
Taya was so excited when we finally got to see Mickey!!! She giggled when Mickey leaned over and kissed her after we took our picture! Thanks to grandpa, who wouldn't take no for an answer, we were the last group who got to take a picture before Mickey went back inside to rest! Thanks again Dad.

Taya loved the BIG Mickey Mouse balloon her Papa had waiting for her when we came outside from getting a drink. Even though it was bigger than her, she loved to hold onto it and give it kisses. Mickey even got to ride home in the back of the van, bobbing up and down all the way to Utah!


Shirlee said...

So fun! I'm trying to convince Dave to go to Euro Disney here in Paris while Maya is in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse mode. She loves Mickey! At what age do you grow out of that anyway?

Lori said...

How Fun!!! Looks like you guys had a good trip. I bet it was really hard to come back to the freezing temps here. Hopefully it will warm up soon