Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ready, set, close eyes, go....

Thank goodness for having family around who have lots of toys for Taya to play with!! Taya loved this little slide that made the trip from California with the Duffins! She was so funny. She would get sat down and then scoot forward just enough to know she was going to go down, but then hurry and close her eyes really tight and giggle. I think the anticipation was as good as the ride down for her. We are so glad summer is here and we are all healthy and well to play, play, play!!! Thanks again Duffins!

Oh, and thanks Madison for running to get your camera so we could capture this moment!! We really need to get a little camera of our own to carry in the diaper bag, huh? :)

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Lori said...

She is too cute, Im glad summer is here too if only it would quit raining for 2 seconds:-)