Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finally mobile!

After 7 weeks of physical therapy, Taya is mobile!!! We went to the neo-natal follow up at the end of May and were concerned that Taya still wasn't mobile on her own. She would couch cruise and walk if you were holding on to her hand, but wouldn't walk on her own or stay on her tummy/hands and knees. The doctor did some testing and watching her and told us that for some reason her Hamstrings were really tight. They were so tight it was hurting her when she tried to sit, stand or crawl. They were also causing her to be off balance because they were pulling her whole body down, so she wouldn't walk because she didn't feel balanced. The physical therapist worked with her a couple of times and gave me some things to do at home. We feel so blessed and are grateful that the stretches he gave us to do with Taya are working. She has learned to do so much in just 7 weeks. She started by sitting herself up after just a week. Then it was pulling herself up, standing, then walking back and forth between things and just Sunday she started crawling all over the place. She is so much happier(and so am I) that she can get where she wants to go! She is less frustrated because she can now do the things her mind wants to do that her body wouldn't do before.

The doctors also did testing and told us that she is beyond a 2 year old level with her cognitive and speech. She is talking up a storm, counting, singing, saying shapes and starting to learn colors. She is so much fun and every day we are so amazed by her. We love her so much and couldn't imagine life without her! We are so very blessed.

She weighs 21 lbs. 5 oz. as of yesterday (she got her last shots until kindergarten, yippie!!!).

Here is a little video clip of her walking last week and crawling this week.


Mamma Morgan said...

Yahoo Taya! We love you and are so proud of you. The kids watched and watched the video.

Lori said...

YEAH for Taya!!! what at little sweetheart