Friday, August 21, 2009

Just so sweet!

Most of you have probably seen this picture before on my Facebook page, but I just love it. It captures Taya's little personality right now. She loves to have fun and play but is so sweet and cute lately. I hope she keeps it up and doesn't find her terrible two's (wishful thinking, I know). Some of the sweet things she says/does lately are:
Yes, mama
Thank you mommy
Please mom
Sure mom
Oh, I love you!
Big sigh while hugging you and pat or rub your back
Crawl over and put her head on your lap, shoulder or tummy and say "Hi, mom/dad"

She loves everything and loves to kiss things. She told us the other night as she crawled over and kissed the couch "I love couches"! She has also informed us lately that she loves chairs, cups, puppies, pillows, her mickey train, her shoes, and her swing set. She loves to kiss her blankie and tell it and her Baby Sarah doll every day that she loves them.
Oh, if she could only stay this way forever!!

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