Friday, August 14, 2009

Mouseka Birthday!

Taya had a great Mickey and Friends birthday party. She LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and everything associated with it, so it stands to reason that we chose that for her party theme. She had a blast playing with her cousins and all her new toys. I've been pretty surprised the last two days, she has been giving each toy equal play time. She will just make rounds going around the living room playing with each thing for a while and then move on to the next thing. (In between "watch Mickey Clubhouse mommy")

Here is a slideshow of the pics from her party. Thanks to all our family for making her 2nd birthday so special by being here to celebrate with us! And hooking her up with all the great toys!

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Shirlee said...

So sorry we missed it. I think I'll do a MM party for Maya too. Funny, she is saying right now, "Mommy, let's watch Mickey!"

I can't see your pictures. Maybe you need to repost the slideshow.