Saturday, September 12, 2009


Check out all of Taya's new gear!

She was so happy to have a new little purse with stuff in it that she can play with. She must have taken the stuff out and put it back in 100 times! I'm not sure if her favorite thing in it is the little cell phone that makes noise, or the little hand mirror she can look at herself in!

She also got new camo shoes to go over her new leg braces. We must have tried on every shoe at 5 different stores trying to find some girl shoes that were wide enough to fit over the braces, all to no avail. It's okay because I love these little camo shoes and think they are so adorable on her.

Taya seems to like them too because Thursday when I finally found some white and pink ones that would probably work, she threw her first two year old fit!!! And I mean fit! She did not want them and wouldn't even let me carry the box. She has never thrown a tantrum in a store until that day. She was screaming and kicking the box the whole way through the store. I finally decided we were putting them back and going home without shoes. As soon as I put the box back on the shelf, she stopped crying and kicking and looked at me and said "oh, look at all this stuff mom." What a stinker huh? I guess everyone in the ward is just going to have to get used to seeing Taya in cute little dresses with camo sneakers on!

The new braces Taya wears are designed to help keep her off of her toes and give her stability until her leg muscles get stronger. We have seen a big improvement in the last week of her wearing them. She has been standing up better without holding on to something to steady herself and she has been walking a lot more. She can't crawl with them on very easily, so she has to spend more time on her feet! See, if you don't snap a picture quick she'll walk off and you won't get one!


Mamma Morgan said...

I am so glad you are seeing improvment with the braces. Today's medical advancements are awesome, somehow I always took it for granite until I needed to rely on it! Great news keep the good news coming! Love you Guys

Shirlee said...

Stinkin cute. The camo shoes are too perfect.