Thursday, October 29, 2009

70th Birthday Fun!

Sorry that I'm just barely getting around to blogging the pictures! Better late than never, right?

We all got together for Jared's dads 70th birthday over the weekend. It was so much fun to be together. We did a little service for him by helping him get some concrete and fill dirt laid in his garage. All the grandchildren got to help and were super excited and very helpful! We managed to get about half of the garage done and with no incidents or injuries (except maybe a few sore muscles the next day!)
After we worked for a couple of hours we had lunch and got to party with cake and a pinata! Although it wasn't a surprise we decorated and pretended it was, complete with hiding under the table and yelling surprise when Jon came in!

It was a really fun day and what a good reason to party!
Happy 70th Jon, we love you!

Jon in front of his 1930's airplane

A few of the grand kids waiting in the corner for Uncle Jared to dump a load of dirt.

The rest of the worker bees!

Jared driving the bobcat they rented. Taya thought it was so cool.

Kelly helping pile in the concrete.

Yummy cake! Happy 70th!!

Each grandchild gave him a role of blue shop towels! That's a lot of shop towels! I think he has a year supply now!

This is the awesome picture of the Idaho Falls Temple that Shanda painted for him. Amazing huh?

A little creepy with the misplaced eyes, but it was still fun and gave us lots of candy!

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