Friday, April 23, 2010

So much like her mom!

This post is mainly for the benefit of Jared and my mom! When I went in to get Taya up this morning this was the result! They can both tell you this is me through and through. I am not a morning person, and we are learning neither is Taya!

Me: Open the door and say "good morning sweetie"
Taya: Rolls over in her bed and faces the wall with a grunt
Me: Walk over and sit on the edge of her bed and say "did you sleep good"
Taya: "NO" and covers her head with the blanket angrily!

I just chuckled to myself and wondered how many mornings went like this when I was a child (hmm... probably as an adult too!) I went and got the camera, she stayed like this for about 5 mins. until she decided I wasn't going away.

Sorry Jare that you have to put up with two girls who hate the morning! And mom, I'm sure you're thinking that I deserve it and I probably do!

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