Tuesday, May 1, 2012

St. George fun!

St. George was warm, beautiful and FUN! It was so hard to come back home and back to reality.
We spent time playing at the park.

Taya's favorite part was riding the carousel at the town square! She couldn't get enough of it and each time she had to ride a different horse. This horse was her very favorite. 

The kids couldn't get enough time playing with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm not sure how I am going to entertain them now that we are home. There were constant squeals and giggles!

Garrett spent most of his time clinging to his Grandma! He couldn't get enough of her and was worried I was going to peel him away when I got close.

We spent some time Sunday afternoon at the temple. It was gorgeous! I love the St. George temple and love to be able to go right up to it. The grounds were covered in beautiful flowers everywhere.

This is how we all felt when we got back to the condo at night. Full tummies from lots of good food and lots of time in the sun. We had a blast!

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