Sunday, September 9, 2012

A climbing he will go

Ready or not, Garrett has decided to start climbing.  He can't quite get on the couch yet, but if he tried just a little bit harder he could do it.  I don't encourage or help because I am NOT ready for this stage.  It started with him climbing in and out of Taya's rocking chair and then progressed to climbing in and standing on her rocking chair (which quickly found it's way to the basement before we had stitches or a broken tooth).  I am glad he found this outlet for his climbing need, although it is a little scary when he does it 20 times in a row as fast as he can and his little legs are wobbly as he climbs the stairs.  It is also a little scary when he stands on top of the slide and yells to the neighbor across the street. He is all BOY!  It's a good thing he is so cute and we love him so much. :)

This was from my phone and I can't get the video to play the sound.  You'll just have to imagine his cute little voice counting one, two, three, GO!

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