Friday, November 7, 2008

Together Forever!

I'm so thankful for the blessing of eternal families! I was so anxious to be sealed to such a great husband and an amazing daughter for eternity. What an emotional and amazing event in our lives.
We had a wonderful day at the temple surrounded by family. We are so thankful for such great families who support us and were willing to drive 4 hours to be with us in Rexburg. It made the day so special to have them all there with us. Thanks!!!!


Mamma Morgan said...

`Cogratulations, it looks like you had a beautiful day filled with everlasting memories. Taya is adorable, as always. I am glad everyone made the trip safe and sound. CONGRATS!
Love Always

arianne said...

it gives me chills to see your family in white! what a special day for your family! We are so happy for you. We should go to the temple together as an EQ presidency! If you ever want to go to the temple we would be happy to watch Taya for you!

Me said...

wouldn't have missed it for anything! thanks for letting us share with you!! love you all!

Hendrickson Clan said...

CONGRATULATIONS! This is so awesome! Your family looks so beautiful in front of the temple.