Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

Thought I would finally get around to posting some pictures from Christmas. Taya loved Christmas this year and was excited that she got exactly what she wanted!

Look at my pretty Christmas dress! (I hated every minute of it and asked everyone in church to take it off of me! The things moms make you do on holidays!) It only took about 40 pictures of Taya running away to finally get one good one in her cute dress, and only because I promised to take off her dress if she would stand there for one picture.

Can't slow down for a Christmas Eve picture in my new Mickey PJ's and slippers, I have a grandpa to play with!

Peek-a-boo! (who bought this kid presents for Christmas? All she needed was a big empty box and a grandpa to pull her around the house in it!)

Christmas morning she was so excited to see her play food, play plates & utensils and a stroller for her to push her dolls around in! She carried those ice cream cones around with her all day telling us they were strawberry and vanilla (or coconut depending on her mood) and slurping at them!
I think she has made as many laps around the coffee table with the stroller as the drivers do in the Indianapolis 500!

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Lori said...

Oh Taya's christmas dress is sooo cute I love it, I searched but couldnt find cute dresses for my girls :-( oh well. Glad you had a fun christmas.