Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So our computer has been having issues with me loading new pictures onto it. I haven't updated my blog in so long and really wanted to get rid of the winter background and move on from Christmas pictures!
I had decided in January that I was going to become a digital scrapbooker to get caught up on Taya's book and to keep current. I'm not sure it will work, but I am going to give it a try. Since the computer won't let me put new pictures on, you will just have to see pictures from the past.

So far I have a few winter pages and most of the holidays finished. Here are a couple of them. I can't believe these are a year old already! Here are the pages for Valentines day 2009 and a her Easter dress pictures.


Shirlee said...

Yay for digital! I hope that it helps you keep current. It has for me. LOVE the new pages, keep it up.

Mamma Morgan said...

How do you do the digital scrapbook? Can you print them at all or how does it work? Dalton will be 10 in March and well I have him coming home from the hospital. LOL Have not even started my girls which are 6 and soon to be 8.