Friday, February 19, 2010

You know it's 2010...

When your two year old walks around listening to an i-pod.
Pushes her shopping cart around with one hand while carrying her cell phone in the other and tells you, "I'm texting Aunt Shar."

Gets more playing time on the Wii than the rest of us, and can do pretty good if it's not the race car game!

She also asked me today while I was pushing some buttons, "is it credit or debit mom"?!?!
What a techno age we are in and Taya is starting to fit right in.
It's a good thing she can still enjoy a little bit of good ol' cheap kid entertainment when her daddy builds her a fort she can hide in!


Sharla said...

LOVE THIS GIRL!! And so honored that she is texting me!! She can call us anytime. :)

Shirlee said...

This is great. Maya is so excited for Ethen's birthday coming up. She wants all his baby friends to come, including Baby Taya. Too bad with all the technology we just can't beam you over.