Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Diggin' in the dirt

We spent a couple of Saturdays getting our backyard ready for a garden to be planted and making a little patio. Taya of course wanted to join in the fun, which surprised me because in the past she hasn't wanted to get her hands dirty. What kid can resist a little shovel, a bucket to put it in and a big area full of dirt? It wasn't Taya this time. She dug right in and by the time she was done she was covered in dirt and had just about buried herself up to her ankles. After I put these pictures on the computer I decided I can see why people say Taya looks just like me. I can remember a picture of me with a hat on that looks A LOT like this!

We were offered a great opportunity by a guy in our ward to get a garden going in the backyard. Jared and I don't even like to weed our way to big flower beds that run the whole length of the front yard, down the side of the house and around the back! Thus, the backyard dirt has been sitting there until we can afford to cover it up with concrete and a big deck! But we were approached and asked if we weren't going to use the dirt if he could garden on it. We couldn't turn down the chance to learn a little bit about gardening and have a pro to help us out. If anything we will learn a lot, get to share some yummy fresh vegetables and the backyard already looks better with just the patio and the little bit of tilling that has been done!

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