Friday, May 21, 2010

Magic tricks...

These probably don't really qualify as magic tricks, but to watch our 26 weeker with cerebral palsy do this we think she is magic! Not to mention the fact that she pulls them out of her hat at 9:30 at night and after a pretty long session of physical therapy yesterday!

She kept asking us if we wanted to see "another magic trick", she must have went up and down the slide (frontwards and backwards) twenty times or so. So glad she thinks this is so much fun and doesn't realize what good stretching this is for her legs! A couple of times she did get tired and needed her daddy to throw her his "pretend red rope out of his backpack" to help pull her up. She has quite an active imagination!

To see her do this just about brings us to tears. We are so thankful she is doing so well, I just can't help but share!

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Mamma Morgan said...

Very cute - glad she is doing so well.