Friday, October 8, 2010

Taya 3 yr. old pics, new family pics and member!

I have been trying to post these new pictures all week and either my computer won't cooperate or something comes up. So sorry to those of you who asked to see the new pictures and then had to wait so long.

We took our new family pictures and Taya's 3 year old pictures at the same time last weekend. Thanks mom and dad for helping and thanks Jared for being so talented! I am really happy with the way they turned out.
Oh, and did I mention that we are going to have a new addition to our family pictures next year? Yes, the secret is out. We are expecting!!! I am 16 weeks along right now and due in March. We are so excited and can't wait to find out in a couple of weeks what we are having.


john:and:aim said...

Oh my gosh! Congrats to you guys :) How exciting!

Shirlee said...

Yeah! These pictures are gorgeous. We're so excited for your family. Ethen needs a playmate his age on this side of the family.

arianne said...

WHAT? your pregnant??? I am SOO excited for you guys!!!!! I am glad I am a follower of your blog to find out your news! congrats!!! :) Praying that you will be able to carry this baby to full term!!!! YAY!!

Also LOVE your family pictures. Taya is such a beautiful little girl and looking so grown up!!

Lori said...

Yeah you announced. Congrats to you and Jared. Cant wait to find out what it is.

Jennie DeVore said...

Niccole I love the picture with the hat on. She is such a doll. Congratulations on baby Garrett. He is adorable!