Saturday, October 29, 2011

A little pre-halloween fun!

Taya's pre-school put on a very cute little Halloween program where they got to model their costumes and sing some halloween songs. It was fun and Taya was super excited and super cute.

Waiting for the program to start. She was so excited all day for it!

Posing for a pic with her best friend Izzy.

She stopped people watching and participated in at least a couple of songs!

I had to post this picture for the Braithwaite side of the family who are all singers. You can almost hear her carrying the last note on the word fall in this picture! She was so funny, she held the last note extra long and extra loud(I think maybe even on key)! Faaaaaalllllllll......

I LOVE her pre-school teacher and more importantly so does Taya! What a fun thing for her to let the kids do!


Shirlee said...

So fun. Glad she could do this with her friends.

Shelly said...

She is so 'stinking' cute!!